Welcome to the Blogosphere

Alright. I’m in. This is my Blog. I’m new to this, but I guess my opinions can be as valid an anybody’s, so I’ll write them here. Mostly thoughts on acting, since that’s what I know about, but I’m curious about many things. I hope that somebody reads this and posts a comment or two. Perhaps I’ll even field the occasional question. That would be nice. If you have any subjects you’d like to talk about, drop in and say so. I’ll be happy to discuss.

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  1. Tracy Urquhart Says:

    Hey Richard – so yeah, acting…been a while for me – a long long time in fact. But saw a couple of productions over the weekend that reminded me how wonderful the good stuff can be – Virginia Woolf at Soulpepper, and Bartholomew Fair at Stratford (am usually no fan of Stratford). Both dazzling in their own ways. Anyway…enjoyed your Chartered Accountants ad when it was on. Hope you’re very well. ~ Tracy

  2. Kevin D. Says:

    …and to think that just a mere few years ago, you still used a Commodore 64 and now a website and blog. Very impressed.
    I do have a question Mr. Beaune…. what does a carnation taste like anyways???
    ~ Keep up the great work. Kevin

  3. Heather R Says:

    It’s so much fun following your career – and I’ve seen your commercials. There I sit, all by myself in my apartment – yelling at the world – there’s Richard – we used to work together.
    Sad state of affairs no?
    Hugs to you and Kimberley..

  4. wendy lee Says:

    Heeeey! Hi Richard. I am so glad I was on your mail list. What a splendid surprise to see this blog.
    I think of you…on your roller blades…and smile. Life is good.
    It has been a long time and your blog is catching me up on your career. Good on ya!
    Congrats on your many endeavors.

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