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The StageWorthy Podcast

Wed ,17/02/2016

Phil Rickaby has posted his interview with me on his blog, The Stage Worthy Podcast. Check it out.

Salvation Army Ad

Tue ,16/11/2010

This is a new ad for the Salvation Army that I appear in. Don’t blink or you’ll miss me.

I really enjoy this spot quite a bit, though. Nice message.

Dora Nominations

Fri ,04/06/2010

Nearly five years ago, I had lunch with Dana Fradkin and came up with the idea of creating a play in the style of a silent film. It took us four years to do it and now we’ve been rewarded with 3 Dora nominations. The three individuals nominated, Ginette Mohr, Lorie Brown and David Atkinson are all great artists who contributed their Dora worthy work to our idea. What a great gift that was!

I want to thank them, and the whole team who worked so hard for SOOOO long to create such a unique piece.

I also want to thank all of the people who’ve been sending their supportive e-mails…too many to reply to them all.

When you’re working on something like this, you can feel like you’re in a bubble sometimes, and it’s really refreshing to have emerged from that bubble and to look back on what we created and be so proud of the work that was done.

I’m gratefule. I’m humbled. I’m proud.


Dead Serious trailers

Thu ,03/12/2009

Get ready to see Richard Beaune like you’ve never seen him before. Dead Serious is a short gangster film parady shot last year for some terrific Niagara College students.

I should warn you that there’s some nasty language, and graphic violence.

You can see a couple of teasers here:

and here:

Welcome to the Blogosphere

Thu ,16/07/2009

Alright. I’m in. This is my Blog. I’m new to this, but I guess my opinions can be as valid an anybody’s, so I’ll write them here. Mostly thoughts on acting, since that’s what I know about, but I’m curious about many things. I hope that somebody reads this and posts a comment or two. Perhaps I’ll even field the occasional question. That would be nice. If you have any subjects you’d like to talk about, drop in and say so. I’ll be happy to discuss.